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BridgeWave utilizes wireless gigabit links to provide a high performance fiber optic replacement at significant savings compared to leased lines for metropolitan area networks.

Due to competitive market pressures, businesses are increasingly looking to IT departments, to improve productivity and control costs. Businesses are recognizing the many advantages of utilizing high-capacity wireless links to replace fiber or aging copper-based leased lines, both in terms of cost and network performance.

On the cost side, GigE wireless links provide a rapid return-on-investment, relative to the costs of leasing high-speed circuits. A GigE wireless link can provide fiber-like speeds and latency, for a one-time expenditure of about two-thirds of the annual cost of leasing an equivalent fiber-based service. Wireless GigE links also eliminate the initial installation costs for fiber services that may be needed in many cases when new fiber runs need to be constructed.

In addition to the significant savings, gigabit wireless links also provide increased capacity and a ‘future-proof’ network. Transmission rates provided by these gigabit wireless links mean that the backbone will remain free of bottlenecks as application capacity needs grow. These millimeter wave GigE wireless links provide full-rate, non-blocked gigabit throughput speeds with latency comparable to that of an Ethernet switch, yielding a fiber-equivalent backbone link that is perfect for transporting real-time applications such as video and VoIP.

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