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Wireless Networking

Everyone expects the WiFi to be ready when they are. Managing your mobile users and team members is more challenging these days because everyone has become a power user when it comes to WiFi.  Let's sit down and review what may be the best WLAN solution for your organization.  There's a secure, appropriate WLAN waiting.

Site Surveys -  The site-survey process, helps determine the placement and configuration of wireless APs (access points) in your WLAN.  It estimates adequate coverage and channel planning. Today's WLANs seek specific requirements, such as providing high-performance bandwidth for each user, reliability and fault tolerance, voice support using ubiquitous high-signal-strength coverage, and overlapping coverage of three or more APs.

Access Point Deployment - it sounds simple - get the APs on the wall, ceiling, etc.  However, there's more to consider such as power, physical security of the APs, internal or external antennas, aesthetics of the environment, asset tagging and image file management.  Our team helps to match the right hardware solution to your requirements, and then develops a plan for managing successful deployment and maintenance.

Managed WLAN - are you deploying more than 1 access point?  If so, you may have to consider a managed WLAN.  We can assist with guest access, entry portals, remote management, AP roaming, multiple SSIDs and other considerations for managing your WLAN.