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Maintenance Contracts

There's never a good time for a network outage. UHP field technicians are available for planned and incident driven network maintenance.  Maybe it's moves, adds, changes, AP/switch swaps or trouble shooting.  We work with you to develop an appropriate response plan for your organization.

Moves, Adds Changes - Your organization changes.  Our field technicians work with you to provide connectivity where your employees need it, and to properly document the change for your records. 

Hardware Replacements and Upgrades - Ultimately you may have one or more devices fail.  Our team is prepared for incident maintenance or planned deployment of hardware to keep your network running well.  Technicians may be dispatched to swap devices, process replacement documentation and return shipment labels.

Troubleshooting - Your not sure what's going on at your field office?  Sometimes poor network performance can not be identified by your end users and your own IT staff is overwhelmed.  Our technicians can be dispatched to analyze the situation and suggest a solution.  In some cases, problems can be fixed onsite.