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Upgrade Your Cabling

We still need the cables. Even with strong WLAN and Cloud networks, a strong cabling infrastructure is a part of every organization.  Cabling upgrades allow your organization to build strong WLANs, reliable VoIP and video conferencing capabilities and extensible building automation.

CAT6 Upgrades Let's get started.  If you have plans for VoIP, video conferencing or IP surveillance video you should budget and deploy your cabling infrastructure first.  A CAT6 upgrade is a direct way to prepare your network for higher bandwidth demands.  Thinking about fiber?  We can review your network and help with fiber deployment where needed, especially for backbone and high video applications.

Closet Clean Up - the closet spider web grows and cables are everywhere.  Our team can help to identify cable locations, tag and plan for better use of space. 

Carrier Demarc Extensions - are you switching carriers?  If you are bringing in a new T1, Metro Ethernet or Fiber To The Premise FFTP line, it is often the customer responsibility to have a cable link between your data center and the carrier closet in your building.  We can extend this line with CAT6 or fiber between these closets.