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Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is a global PtP/PtMP wireless leader.

For many government departments, innovation comes in the form of high-speed wireless information technology. Wireless networks augment wired and cellular networks by providing cost-effective high-speed wireless connectivity. These wireless broadband solutions provide connectivity whether inside a building, outside a building, between buildings or throughout the community. They not only provide the enhanced information and ease of contact that improve citizen communications, they also enable information sharing across departments and agencies, while significantly reducing operating expenses. This internal cooperation also helps governments deliver citizen services faster and better.

Workers responding to situations ranging from the mundane, like a large pothole, to an emergency, such as an overturned tanker truck, need to communicate with supervisors, other team members, other agencies and other jurisdictions. Reliably and in real-time. They need the interoperability that allows voice, video and data to flow seamlessly across disparate networks and devices. Wireless interoperability enables essential real-time connectivity within departments, throughout the entire government enterprise and across neighboring communities.
Video Surveillance

More and more enterprises, institutions and public safety departments see high-speed wireless video surveillance networks as a much more efficient alternative that offers comparable quality and significantly enhanced flexibility at much lower cost.

Given the high cost of cabling and wired deployment, it’s easy to see why, as the need for video surveillance grows, wireless broadband systems are dramatically changing the surveillance marketplace. Wireless networks provide comparable quality and reliability, but deployment costs are significantly less. Wireless makes trenching — the most costly and disruptive element of most wired networks and extensions — unnecessary.

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